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smart position specializes in BLE-based indoor localization systems that can be freely scaled and customized to meet specific customer needs. We empower hospitals, clinics, labs, and medical offices to optimize staff efficiency and asset utilization. With our smart BLE and IoT sensing devices, location technology, software interfaces, and superior security we create the basis for an efficient, modern healthcare environment.

Founded in 2020, smart position is 100% founder-owned.

Founders Story

A couple years ago, Byron Webster met Sebastian van Wickern and Ronald Derler of smart IoT group, who develop cutting-edge smart device and IoT products for leading medical device companies in Germany like Roche and Boehringer-Ingelheim.

Around the same time, Bryon connected with Roderick Bell, who has nearly 30 years experience in healthcare technology and IT services for leading US
healthcare systems.

It quickly became apparent that everyone involved was united by a similar mindset. The striving for what was possible and the will to bring about change laid the foundation for wanting to make a difference together as a team.
It was a perfect match to combine the experience and passion of Sebastian, Ronald,
Roderick with Byron’s background in real-time location systems (RTLS), supply chain management and visibility.
smart position was designed as an alternative to the complicated, expensive RTLSs of the early 2000s. It gives small and medium healthcare organizations who lack the IT personnel, budget and resources access to real time location technology using BLE and IoT that empowers them to be more efficient.
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Our Mission

smart position’s mission is to help as many organizations as we can to deploy and benefit from real-time location and 24/7 monitoring solutions. It pains us to know that roughly 75% of US hospitals and clinics don’t use RTLS or indoor location.

We also seek to help organizations realize the full benefits of IoT and BLE. BLE is in nearly every wireless device, uses little power, is low-cost and super easy to implement and can be used in many location-based applications. The possibilities are endless and that’s what excites us the most.

smart position can leverage BLE beacons, personal badges and sensors for location-aware applications in workflow optimization, employee safety, remote patient monitoring and smart homes.

Our mission is to make these technologies available to everyone in the form and feature set you need to take your business to the next level.

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