Call Bell System

Safety and visibility with smart position's Call Bell System for staff and patients at any time or place with the touch of a button.

call bell system for statt and patiens in healthcare
Staff duress

In a perfect world, nursing staff would immediately have access to all the assistance and resources they require. Unfortunately, this is not the reality as seen by many daily reports from staff members regarding the lack of support.

This is exactly where smart position’s Call Bell with integrated Staff Duress System can make a difference. It can supply those in need of help the opportunity to receive it fast and with less complications

This will increase caregivers’ peace of mind by letting them know they are not alone and can be located at all times. Via real-time localization, all the assistance they need can arrive within a very short time to de-escalate the situation. A simple push of the button could change the outcome of a bad situation.

staff protection with real-time localization against staff duress
Staff duress should not be a matter of course

The safety and protection of employees is non-negotiable. The feeling that one will not be left alone in an emergency is one of the safety needs of every employee. This feeling must be met in all cases. smart position helps to cover these needs. With its solutions, smart position strives to actively make a change in the healthcare sector.

Patient Safety

Knowing that patients are well and safe plays a fundamental role in the operations of healthcare facilities.

Through the RTLS system, it is possible to display the location of patients in real time and identify potential sources of danger early on, or allow patients to press the button to call a nurse – no matter where they are.

The systems from smart position are designed in such a way that they fit almost invisibly and naturally into the daily routines of employees and patients.

Respond instantly to any situation

Provide a safer environment. BLE-based personal pendants or other tag form factors send alarms to caregivers when a user presses the button. Staff will know the exact location of where the alert was triggered and can respond immediately.

ble call bell system location tracking
Wander management and elopement control​
Wander management & elopement control​

A real-time location tracking system provides staff with alerts when a patient or resident is moving, thus allowing them to intervene before accidents happen.

Generate on-demand requests for cleaning​
A BLE-based, Internet of Things (IoT) tag sends alarm to house cleaning when a nurse or other staff member notices a soiled patient room or restroom and presses a button. Housecleaning knows exact location of the soiled room, allowing prompt response to maintain real-time room cleanliness. This noticeably optimizes workflows and shortens waiting times.
rtls ble house cleaning
How it works

smart position BLE-based asset tracking hardware and location software can be installed in a day so you can be benefiting from a real-time indoor positioning system immediately.

Short Installation Time
Pre-configured BLE and location equipment and detailed instructions enable fast installation of hardware and software.
Lower Cost of Ownership
BLE beacons and tags have a lower price point than other RFID tags. Due to our convenient set up process and system design, deployment time is much lower than other RTLS players. And it doesn’t take an army of IT engineers to administer the smart position solution.
Use Your Own Tags
Use one of the many BLE tag form factors we offer or your own BLE tag which can easily be integrated into the smart position visibility and messaging system.
Instant Visibility and Notification
Begin seeing BLE-tracked asset location and status on any mobile device or large screen. Teams notified instantly when equipment or device is moved.
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