Location Technology​

Get the most accurate and precise indoor location of mobile assets

smart position fingerprinting and triangulation

Hybrid approach to precision location

Maximize strengths of each approach

Smart position combines Wi-Fi fingerprinting and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) trilateration and automatically uses the best method to determine asset position based on current situation. This hybrid approach maximizes each technique’s strength, making it more precise than other indoor positioning or RTLS players.

rtls fingerprinting technology

Robust Wi-Fi Fingerprinting

Have confidence in location accuracy

Wi-Fi Fingerprinting is the most precise method that is possible in indoor navigation. However, it only works if there are no major disturbances in the room. Therefore, when fingerprinting becomes imprecise, smart position switches to BLE trilateration positioning methods in a fraction of a second.

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BLE trilateration positioning

Ensures valid positioning data

The smart position trilateration based BLE system provides specific location information by measuring distance from at least 3 recipients to the asset, always ensuring valid positioning data.

rtls triangulation technology
smart position rtls receiver

Increase functionality based on needs

Have confidence in location accuracy

The smart position system is built on a highly-customizable infrastructure. We build a real-time indoor location and monitoring system tailored to your specific needs, resulting in cost-saving and efficiency.

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