Locate and Monitor every asset with smart position's RTLS solutions.

RTLS can be complicated. Simplify it with our next generation BLE Real Time Location System

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RTLS solutions designed to fit your needs

smart position’s goal is to improve processes, optimize workflows and environmental monitoring solutions through intelligent asset management to take your business to the next level.

Our mission is to ensure that our BLE-based solutions integrate seamlessly and efficiently with your existing systems.

Fast installation times and extremely short employee training periods guarantee that day-to-day business is not affected so you can focus on what is important for your organization.


smart position’s asset management increases the efficiency of all assets while improving the associated workflow. Take the management of your assets and your entire facility to a new level.

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Know the exact location and condition of your assets at all times. The RTLS solution from smart position gives you a real-time overview of all assets in your building. Save hours searching for assets and use them when and where you need them.

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Prevent loss and theft of assets with smart position’s intelligent loss prevention system. Know in real time when assets leave their assigned areas to quickly take countermeasures. This lowers theft rate and reduces replacement costs.


Learn about the actual utilization of your assets. The position of the assets allows you to analyze the purpose and duration of use. Optimize the use of your assets based on this data to get the actual utilization rate and make new procurement decisions based on the evidence.


Monitor predefined parameters based on thresholds to optimize processes and reduce failures. You can measure temperature, humidity and much more by sensor and, in the event of deviations, define automated notifications that inform responsible persons of the situation. 

exact condition of your assets with environmental monitoring

How We’re Different ​

We reimagined a RTLS from the ground up with the latest BLE, location technology, software interfaces and security. smart position is light, effortless, and cost-effective which is the exact opposite of a big, bulky, complicated, and expensive legacy RTLS.

smart position's rtls is light and simple


smart positions's rtls is cost-effective


smart position's systems are effortless to use


Use Your Own BLE Device

We don’t force organizations to use our BLE tags. We can simply connect 3rd party tags. Any BLE-based beacon can be integrated into our software platform. BLE makes it so much easier to connect to everything – at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

It’s so much more than real-time location.

Our goal is to help organizations realize the full benefits of IoT and BLE. BLE is in nearly every wireless device. It uses little power, is low-cost, super easy to implement and can be used in many location-based applications.The possibilities are endless. Smart position leverages BLE beacons, personnel badges, and sensors for location-aware applications in workflow optimization, employee safety, remote patient monitoring and smart homes. With BLE and smart position, the barriers to entry come down.

Begin your journey to better operational efficiency.

See for Yourself

Enjoy smart position advantages.

It’s so much more than
real-time location.

Look and feel of the interface is based on the user experience of Google Maps. With smart position, you get started right away.

4-dimensional Accuracy without Equals

Thanks to our research cooperation with Bochum University of Applied Sciences, smart position measurably improves localization in space and time.

BLE Location and
Sensor Tags

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) tags detect location of assets and environmental changes and events. Use smart position tags or bring your own BLE tag which can easily be integrated into the smart position visibility and messaging system.

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